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Mövenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Da Nang

  • Mövenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Da Nang
  • Mövenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Da Nang




Located on an outstanding position in the center of Danang, Movenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Danang belongs to the twin-tower complex of entertainment centers, premium apartments and 5-star hotel, managed by AccorHotels luxury hotel group.

The interior with 5-star standards is design with attentiveness and minimalism would make you feel more pleased thanks to an open space. The minimal function of each furniture, along with other luxury amenities would also bring you the comfort and peace in mind.

Located in a vital architecture position, Movenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Danang aligns with both resort-related and commercial values in the heart of Hai Chau District, thus bringing the sustainable values for its customers and investors.


General planning features Unit  A2-2 Slot
Development form  Hotel & Apartment with 5-star standards
Site area  m2 2.450
Podium building area m2 1.656
Podium building density  % 68%
Tower building density % 48%
Landscape area m2 735
Number of floors  floor 2 basements & 29 floors
Number of units unit 143 hotels & 222 condotels



Movenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Danang is located at A2-1 and A2-2 slots in the complex of malls, premium apartments and Risemount Apartment Danang building. All the sides of the project site are surrounded by roads, which helps to separate the property with surrounding residential areas:
- The east is on Nhu Nguyet Street
- The west is on Xuan Dieu Street
- The south is on Do Xuan Cat Street


  • Mövenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Da Nang

We are proud to become the partner in the operation of the complex of 5-star hotel and premium apartment resort. It is our vision to consider Movenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Danang would be the top hotel in the west of Han River.
– Mr. Oliver Chavy, President of Movenpick Hotels & Resorts –
Movenpick Hotels & Resorts has been a prestigious hotel management brand from Switzerland, having the history of 50 years of development. Movenpick has owned a large amount of market share with 100 hotels, about 20,000 rooms in 27 countries in Europe, the Middles East, Asia and Africa.
The acquisition of Movepick Hotels & Resorts brand into the chain of AccorHotels helps to strengthen the group position, as well as to increase the prevalence of the brand. AccorHotels would promote Movenpick in terms of service quality and also the revenues of resorts and hotels under Movenpick’s management.




The interior space with delicate jade highlights would bring the feeling of refreshment, enjoyment and enthusiasm.

The apartments are arranged based on modular principle, making them all have the view towards surrounding scenery. Modular logic is also applied in the functional alignment of each apartment, thus creating the maximum space optimization and usefulness.

Inspired by the natural flow, each apartment is the harmonious combination of relaxing neutral colors and fresh highlights such as the sea winds.


To receive documents and price of project, please contact the hotline or register by leaving your information by filling out the following form:

0979 92 19 29

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